• One fine day you are trying to log-in to your Yahoo email account to see that important email you’ve been waiting to receive and you end-up seeing a screen where it says your password is inaccurate. Well it’s human to forget and fortunately it's easy to reset your Yahoo email password. you'll reset your Yahoo email password albeit someone has hacked into your account and changed your official phone number linked to the account. the following are the steps you would like to follow:

    When you forget your Yahoo password, the first thing you would like to try to to is visit their official website and obtain your password reset. this is often the simplest way to get access to your Yahoo account and therefore the following shows how to do it.

    Head over to the Yahoo Account security page from an online browser on your computer. once you reach there, enter in your Yahoo email address and hit next. On the following screen, you'll be asked to enter your password. Since you don’t know the password, click on I forgot my password link beneath the sign in button and you'll be taken to the account recovery screen.

    If you had a recovery email address added to your account, you'd be able to use it to reset the password. If that doesn’t work, you'll answer your security questions and it'll allow you to reset your password.

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  • Spectrum On Demand allows you to look at popular movies and television Shows instantly any time you would like. While the service wont to be almost flawless initially, this is not the case. Many users face many problems while using the spectrum on Demand. One error you'll have encountered is that the SDP-1003 error code. In some cases, you get an issue where you're unable to access On-Demand content through the interactive program guide. You would like to understand the reason for the Spectrum On Demand not working problem to fix it.

    Why Spectrum On Demand isn't working

    The service isn't performing on your device because:

    The platform has much traffic

    The content you're watching has expired

    Your area is experiencing an outage

    The above are a number of the various reasons that are causing Spectrum On Demand to not work for you.


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  • There are many possible reasons which may trigger hl1000 error on demand. Here’s a list-

    ● If the sync interference is improper between your video and therefore the TV.

    ● An outdated Spectrum TV application.

    ● Presence of an information issue on the receiver.

    ● A failed or unfinished video-on-demand order also can produce to the error.

    Solutions to repair the Error Code HL1000:

    You read all the possible reasons. Now, come to the solutions. There are some ways you'll fix this error. we've deliberately listed the solutions for you. Try the solutions step by step.

    Sometimes when there's a mistake while starting an application, you'll try to reinstall the app again. Perhaps re-installing the spectrum application will resolve the error HL1000.

    ● go to Google Play Store and within the search bar, type Spectrum TV.

    ● Click on the application and press the “Install” choice to start the download.

    ● Once the download is complete, install the app on your device then check in to your account by giving the acceptable information.


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  • Now, as you've got finally made up your mind to delete your OkCupid account, then follow the steps given below:

    Warning: before you attempt this procedure is that be very sure that you simply don’t want the access to your OkCupid account again, as your whole personal data, pictures, and information are going to be removed permanently.

    Step 1. Open the "OkCupid" webpage from your computer browser. The OkCupid homepage screen will appear at the top of this step.

    Step 2. On the highest right corner of the online page, tap or click “sign-in”.

    Step 3. Enter your email and password.

    Step 4. Click or tap on “let’s go”.

    Step 5. On the highest right corner of the page, tap or click on your “profile picture”. Now a menu will appear.

    Step 6. Tap or click on “settings” within the menu.

    Step 7. On the left corner of the screen, tap or click "My Account".

    Step 8. Scroll down and tap or click on “go here”, represented as a link within the sentence on the page: “Go here to disable or delete your account.”

    Step 9. Tap or click on “delete account”, the red button at the bottom of the page.

    Step 10. within the confirm box, enter your “password”, the confirm box password is going to be visible on the bottom of the “delete your account window”.

    Step 11. Enter a legitimate and honest reason for leaving the service and also leave an explanatory comment during this window.

    Step 12. Click or tap on “delete”. Your account is going to be permanently deleted from OkCupid.

    For some reason, if you would like to join OkCupid for a few reasons, if you would like to join OkCupid again you won’t be ready to use an equivalent username again. With this method, you'll delete OkCupid Profile permanently.


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  • If you're a Gmail user, you would possibly have come across the need to recover my Gmail account. Such a requirement can arise once you have forgotten your Gmail password and still got to check-in. Any user can forget their Gmail password for various reasons. As an example, if you've got not used a Gmail account for an extended time, you'll forget it. Also, if you've got kept yourself signed in to your Gmail account for a few time, you'll ignore the password. No matter the rationale, once you have forgotten Gmail credentials, it is often a frustration for you.



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